Affiliated Programs

Braun PharmaCare has partnered with a number of organizations that support fertility programs and may help with the cost of medicine and medical care.

Braun Pharmacare is a specialty fertility pharmacy that has been helping people build the family they desire for over 27 years. Our longstanding success in the fertility arena has enabled us to pass significant savings to our patients that do not have insurance to cover these costly medications. We are proud to help anyone in need save hundreds to thousands of dollars on IVF medications needed to complete the protocols in place by working directly with manufacturers to help patients across the country buy them at the best price possible.
Discounted group of medications are offered through the Ferring Heart program. Braun is able to offer significant savings on your Menopur, Bravelle, Endometrin and Novarel/HCG needs by enrolling you into this. None of these programs incur any cost to patients in the form of premiums or obligations; they are simply available to save patients money on their medication needs.
Braun is proud to be able to work with the diverse patients we are fortunate to help. Please allow us the privilege to help you on this important journey as well by contacting us today. We are available by phone Monday thru Saturday and a contact form is avaialbale at the bottom of this page. 

Heart Beat Plus

The Heart Beat Plus program helps women who have been diagnosed with cancer and want to preserve options for future pregnancy. You may be eligible for Heart Beat’s fertility preservation services if you are:

  • Female.
  • A US citizen.
  • Have a cancer diagnosis.
  • Have not undergone chemotherapy in the last 6 months.
  • Your doctor has determined that fertility preservation services are medically appropriate.

Link to Ferring Fertility’s Heart Beat Plus Program

Ferring Fertility & Endometrin® Instant Savings

Ferring Fertilities offers various IVF programs and the “ENDOMETRIN® Patient Savings Program”. This plan provides cost saving on Endometrin treatment to eligible patients.

Link to Ferring Fertility

Link to Ferring Fertility’s ENDOMETRIN Savings Plan

United Medical Credit

United Medical Credit specializes in helping patients with financing for medical procedures. They offer financing programs for fertility, dental, vision, cosmetic, and veterinary treatments.

Link to United Medical Credit

Medical Financing

Lending USA provides medical financing for treatment.

Link to Lending USA


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